Conrail Cranes and Wreck Equipment

CNJ crane 251M and EL gondola 12636 just off the main line in South Amboy, NJ in June, 1980.
A former Erie machine, this 160 ton Bucyrus crane was the last steam powered crane on the EL. Shown here at Port Jervis, NY in October 1976. Boom car 414303 is a cut down gondola and would be a neat model project.
By 1980 the big blue crane had been replaced with this former Erie Lackawanna crane, although the boom car stayed the same. This unit came to Conrail as EL 03302 and was based in Meadville during the later days of the EL. It first carried CR number 50212, then was renumbered to 45210. Al Mixter photo, Conway, Pa 08-26-1980.
Another Al Mixter shot of the Conway relief train after being painted at Conway. I guess CR wasn't shy about displaying the new company image at derailments.
CR SW-8M 8683 (ex-LV 269) works a load of light tanks, along with support from the big hook of CR 48313, at Allentown yard in December, 1978.
Close up view of CR crane 50202 after being painted at Conway. Boom flat 45501 is also now blue and sporting non-standard lettering. Al Mixter photo August 25th, 1976.
Conrail Burro Crane CB 4177 is seen at Rochester, PA
Former EL crane 65150 and gondola 433619 at Croxton yard in February, 1979.

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