Conrail's Last Day On Boston Street in Baltimore

Lee Weldon was present on what turned out to be CR's last day running along Boston St. in Baltimore. Luckilly he was out on his lunch break with his Pentax and snapped these photographs that we can enjoy today.

CR 8263 and East Baltimore Warehouses

The final run passes some non-descript East Baltimore warehouses on its way back toward Bayview. 

CR 8263 approaches the loading bay

The brakeman rides the back steps of the Geep as it backs up to the loading bay.

CR 8263 Broadside at the American Can Company

A good broadside view of GP38-2 #8263. The old American Can Company in the background is now a chic shopping plaza for the newly gentrified Canton neighborhood that surrounds it.

CR 8263 heads back toward Bayview, boxcar in tow

Having captured its quarry, the last train on Boston Street heads east, back to the yard at Bayview.

CR 8263 Heads back toward the main

The train leans into a rusty curve, working it's way back toward Bayview yard.

CR 8263 makes its pickup at the American Can Company

This building has now become a shopping center, but in this photo it was still the American Can company, consuming can stock and shipping out cans for all sorts of uses. Here 8263 is picking up the boxcar from the loading dock.

Heading past the Amoco Tank Farm

The last Boston Street run heads east toward Bayview, past the old Amoco tank farm. The giant fuel storage tanks are also gone now.

Rolling East on Boston Street

A high-rise condo is under construction in the background, foretelling the end of industry along Baltimore's waterfront. The 19th century warehouse directly behind the engine was also converted to luxury living space.

The end of street trackage

The train leaves the street running portion of Boston street.

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