Conrail Contract Unit Trains

CE 104 at Ashtabula, OH

Cleveland Electric Illuminating GP38-2s 104, 106, 105, and 100 fill the service track in Conrail's Ashtabula Yard on Oct. 4, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CE 104 at Mingo, OH

Four Cleveland Electric Illuminating GP38-2s(including 104, 106, and 105) team up to move a coal train as seen at Conrail's Mingo Yard on September 27, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CE 106 GP38-2 Hudson 02-79

Shot at nearly the same spot as the DE 018 seen below, this UCI coal train is stopped at Hudson, Ohio dead on the law. Helping out CE 106, 107, and 101 was Conrail 3680, a former EL unit now in blue. The coal had originated in the mines south of Mingo Junction and is headed for the Cleveland Electric plant in Willoughby,Ohio. These "yellow birds" always made for a colorful train to photograph.

CEICO 103 at Beaver Falls, PA

A westbound Conrail coal train behind a quartet of Cleveland Electric GP38-2s(CEICO 103, 105, 101, 104) crosses the Beaver River in Beaver Falls, PA in August 1995. Doug Davidson photo with permission

DE 015 at Berea, OH

Detroit Edison SD40 015, and U30C's 010 and 009 are mid-train helpers on an eastbound empty train passing through Berea, OH on Aug. 25, 1991. Doug Davidson photo with permission

DE 018 at Berea, OH

An eastbound Detroit Edison hopper train led by U30C DE 018 comes off of the Chicago Line and enters the Short Line at Berea Tower on August 25, 1991. Doug Davidson photo with permission

DE 018 U30C Brady Lake 10-78

Westbound coal for Detroit Edison in Monroe, Michigan passes through Brady Lake, Ohio on Conrail's Cleveland Line on a nice fall afternoon. The path above the train is the former NYC line that was part of a flyover junction to get over the PRR at this location. Near the rear of the train the ex EL main is above this line also.

DE 018 U30C Conrail UDM train 08-79

Another one of the unit coal trains Conrail ran using utility purchased power was the Detroit Edison trains for the Monroe, Michigan plant. Interesting trains, they used a fleet of U30C's and SD40's pulling large capacity aluminum rotary dump gons and mid train radio units on the loaded moves. Numbered DE 001 to 022, there were 12 EMD's and 10 U30C's with SD40's 001,002,and GE's 007,008,018,019,and 020 equipped as radio control leaders. In this photo a set of four elephant style U30C's are sitting at Hudson,Ohio on the law waiting for a new crew on a nice August 1979 evening. These Detroit Edison U-boats were nice to catch, as Conrail only had 10 U30C's of their own, 5 ex PC and 5 ex Reading.

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