Conrail Huletts

Aerial (Bird's Eye) Photos of Wiskey Island Huletts and Shunt Locos

Aerial (Bird's Eye) Photos of Wiskey Island Huletts and Shunt Locos. Courtesy of MS "Birds Eye View" maps. Images taken around 2007-2008. Wiskey Island Ore facility, Cleveland, OH.

Conrail EL Hulett shunt (pusher) car #3

Car number 3 that was used to move ore cars at the EL Huletts in Cleveland,Ohio.

Conrail EL Huletts

Although a pre Conrail shot, these Erie Lackawanna Huletts at Cleveland would work for the new Conrail for only a short while- the near by C&P Huletts would render them surplus pretty quick. Larger boats could be accommodated at those ex PRR Huletts located right on Lake Erie without having to navigate the sharp curves of the Cuyahoga River that was required to reach the Erie ones. The EL diamond looked good up on the arms.

CR "shunt" unit Whiskey Island 09-08

Buried in the bushes, this was one of the electric "shunt" units used to move ore jennies under the massive Huletts at Whiskey Island in Cleveland.

CR Huletts stored at Whiskey Island 09-08

Still laying where they were put after dismantling on Whiskey Island.

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