Mark MacDougall Collection

CR 6091 at Allentown, PA 1997

A westbound rolls out of Allentown Yard with a Dash 8 leading. This was more than likely ALHB.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 6489 at Allentown, PA 1996

ALNS departs Allentown with an SD40-2 leading a ubiquitous NS unit.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 6517 at Allentown, PA 6/8/96

SENS-7 departs Allentown with a CR-NS-CR lashup.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 6565 at Allentown, PA 1994

The crew gets on board some power as they prepare to build ALSR's train.

CR 8087 at Allentown, PA 1996

WPAL-19 departs Allentown with a couple GP38's as power.

CP-Ham MP88.5 CR Lehigh Line

CR Freight at Allentown, PA 4/1/99

Conrail has two months left as this eastbound manifest heads east into the yard with four EMDs. This train may have been CAAL. Unfortunately my dad didn't keep notes so I'm 100% sure about that.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CSXT 6858 at Allentown, PA 1995

RF&P and CSX power for ALCS in Allentown in early '95.

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