Surviving SW8s

The EMD SW8 was introduced as a medium horsepower switcher built on the same frame as an SW7. It was purchased by Conrail predecessors Chicago River & Indiana (2 units, later NYC/PC), Erie Lackawanna (11 units), Lehigh Valley (27 units) and New York Central (28 units). Eighteen of the former LV units were built with dynamic braking, the only Conrail SW8's with this feature, although they were removed by Conrail. A few of Conrail's SW8's also received radiator cooling fans from retired EMD E8's, making an odd appearance to the long hood! Numbered in the 8600 to 8627 and 8664 to 8700 ranges, all of these units were retired by the early 1990's although many continue to see service on shortlines and industrials throughout the country.

BDRV 908 (CR 8670)

BDRV 908 is seen on Q405-06 at Elsmere DE on 6/7/12. Unit is ex MDDE 802/CRL 101/CR 8670/LV 256. Unit was enroute to a Kinder Morgan plant in Newport News VA.

EJR 321 (CR 8621)

East Jersey Railroad #321 is in the consist of Q-434 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 6/6/2010

EJR 321 (CR 8621)

East Jersey Railroad #321 (ex-CR 8621) is in the consist of Q-434 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 6/6/2010

LTEX 905 (CR 8604)

LTEX 905 is seen at Cumberland, MD on 2/21/99. Units is ex CR 8604/PC 8604/NYC 8604/NYC 9604.

SRC 8618 (CR 8618)

SRC 8618 is seen passing the Red Caboose Motel in Strasburg, PA on 6/25/15. Unit is ex LBCX 1500/LTEX 8618/CR 8618/PC 8618/NYC 8618/NYC 9618 and was built 2-53 by EMD as part of order number 4144. Unit was retired by CR on 7/28/89.

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