N6A Cabooses

The class N6A transfer cabooses were numbered in the CR 18006-18194 series, formerly PC/NYC 18006-18194.

CR 1678 3-1983 South Bend, IN

CR 1678 3-1983 South Bend, IN CRHS Collection

CR 18008 - Class N6A

CR 18008 ex PC 18008/NYC 18008.

CR 18040 - Class N6A

CR 18040 ex PC 18040 - Class N6A at Lancaster, PA

CR 18040 - Class N6A

CR 18040 - Class N6A at Lancaster, PA

CR 18040 - Class N6A

CR 18040c - Class N6A at Lancaster, PA

CR 18040-Class N6A

CR 18040 is seen at Lancaster PA on 11/22/97. Caboose is ex PC 18040/NYC 18040 and was built 4-42. Car would later go to CSX.

CR 18043 at Brighton Park, IL

Conrail class N6A transfer caboose 18043 brings up the rear of a local freight on the former PRR Panhandle Line at Brighton Park, IL in November 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission. CR 18043 ex PC 18043/NYC 18043.

CR 18046 - Class N6A

CR 18046 ex PC 18046/NYC 18046.

CR 18099 - class N6A

A pair of CR cabooses, N6A 18099 and N8 23204, trail SDP45 6699 (ex-EL 3668) as they roll down Horseshoe Curve in September, 1977. Photo by permission from Andrew J. Erlichman.

CR 18111 - Class N6A

Former PC/NYC 18111 at Latrobe, PA on 5/17/1987.

CR 18116 at South Chicago, IL

A Conrail local freight punctuated with transfer caboose 18116, a class N6A, enters the Chicago Line at River Junction, in in South Chicago, IL in January 1987. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18136 at Whiting, IN

Conrail trainman is ready at the brake valve on his transfer hack as his local freight shoves back to Colehour Yard from the Amoco Refinery in Whiting. This is on the former NYC in November 1987. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18160 - Class N6A

Former PC/NYC 18160 is seen at Steelton, PA on 8/25/1984.

CR 18170 - Class N6A

CR 18170 - Class N6A at Harrisburg, PA

CR 18183 at Hegewisch, IL

The trainman is out getting some air on the Conrail transfer hack bringing up the rear of the hot metal train at Hegewisch in July 1991. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18183 at Riverdale, IL

An eastbound Conrail Bottle Train with N6A caboose 18183 is seen on the Panhandle Line at Riverdale heading for the IHB at Dolton Tower, in April 1991. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18188 at Bancroft, MA. on 9/26/81.

N6A 18188 on the rear of a westbound ballast extra at Bancroft, MA. on Sept. 26, 1981. The "cheese box on a raft" transfer cabooses were uncommon on the old B&A, usually relegated to local service.

CR 18193 at Dolton, IL

Conrail's hot metal train with N6A caboose 18193 in tow heads east on the IHB at Dolton, IL, in February 1989. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18193 at Riverdale, IL

An Conrail 'bottle train" heads east on the former Panhandle at Riverdale, IL, in June 1986 with caboose 18193, a class N6A. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 18193-Class N6A

CR 18193 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA on 6/7/97. Car is ex PC 18193/NYC 18193, built 9-45 and was deleted by CR on 5/21/98.

CR 18262

Trailing the Feronna Local. March of 1992 Photo by Richard Carl

CR 9985 at Plainville, CT. in 2/80.

RS3m 9985 with N6A transfer van 18056 in Plainville, CT. in Feb., 1980.

Vans of different colors at Hartford, CT.

String of buggies at Hartford, CT. back in 1978. Includes MOW 46131R, N6A's 18255 and 18394, with N11 18488.

WNHA-20 in Manchester, CT. on 4/22/82. (2)

N6A transfer buggy 18032 on the rear of WNHA-20 in Manchester, CT.

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