Class H32

The Pennsy built 300 of these cars, numbered PRR 253500-253799, with 3050 cu.ft. capacity. At least several cars made it into the Conrail era.

CR 884596 - Class H32

CR 884596 class H32 covered hopper in Pitcairn Yard at North Versailles, PA on 03-29-1986. The car was painted by Conrail's Reading Car Shop in October of 1979. The scale code utilized is "1514". This scale code was used by the Reading Shop for a couple of months at the end of 1979 (roughly from 10-79 to 12-79). Prior to that, they used "RDG" and starting in 01-1980, they used "CR DL".

CR 885562 - Class H32

CR 885562, an old survivor for 1993, is pictured at Norry (Northumberland), PA on 2/27/93. Car is ex PC 885562/PRR 253674 and was built 6-49(?); repainted 5-79 at Altoona car shops.

PC 884516 - Class H32

Car is ex PRR 253516, was painted P59 5-74. Car is stenciled "Lime Load Only".

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