Class H54A

The H54A class consists of 100 cars built by Pullman Standard in 6/1972 as PC 890001-890100. These cars differ from the H54 and H54B classes in that these were originally built with gravity-pneumatic outlet gates. The H54A's were leased from North American Car, and were returned in 1987. A large number of H54A's ended up with the Caldwell-Baker Company (RFMX) and were put on a 10-year lease to BN.

CR 890002 - Class H54A

CR 890002 is seen at Enola, PA. (Note the double logos - large and small). Car is ex PC 890002.

CR 890083 - Class H54A

CR 890083 is seen at Perdix, PA. Car is ex PC 890083.

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