Surviving C30-7's

Conrail’s first purchase of six-axle locomotives was the 3,000hp C30-7 in 1977.  Assigned to CR series 6600-6609, they were joined by 65 units purchased from the Santa Fe assigned.  The former ATSF units were placed in lease service as CRL series 500-564.

HLCX 586 (CR 543) C36M

Former CR 543/GECX 8069, nee ATSF 8069 - former C30-7 rebuilt for the UP to C36-7 specs - is at Cumberland, MD on 7/22/2001.

HLGX 529

HLGX 529 (ex CRL 529/GECX 8049/ATSF 8049) is at Cumberland, MD on 11/6/99.

HLGX 533 (CRL 533) C30-7

Former CRL 533/ATSF 8055 is at Cumberland, MD on 11/6/99.

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