Surviving C30-7A's

Conrail purchased all 50 of GE’s C30-7A’s, placing them in series CR 6550-6599.  The 3,000hp 12-cylinder units arrived on the system from May to June, 1984.

CR 6553

C30-7A CR 6553, soon to become CSXT 7096, is at Locust Grove, MD on 7/8/99.

CR 6572

CR C30-7A 6572, soon to become CSXT 7103, is at Cumberland, MD on 6/18/99. It would later go to NS and become NS 8120.

CSXT 7098 (CR 6560)

Former CR C30-7A 6560 is at Cumberland, MD on 6/18/99.

CSXT 7098 (CR 6560) Detail

Detail view of former CR C30-7A 6560 at Cumberland, MD on 6/18/99.

CSXT 7100 (CR 6565)

Former CR C30-7A 6565 is at Cumberland, MD on 10/13/99.

CSXT 7107 (CR 6577)

Former CR C30-7A 6577 is at Cumberland, MD on 9/29/99. Unit would become NS 8124 about a month later in 11/99.

CSXT 7110 (CR 6581)

C30-7A former CR 6581 is at Cumberland, MD on 11/6/99.

NS 8092 (CR 6563)

Former CR C30-7A 6563 is at Beaver Falls, PA on 10/1/00.

NS 8096 (CR 6570) C30-7A

Former CR C30-7A 6570 is at West Brownsville, PA on 8/7/99.

NS 8098 (CR 6580)

Former CR 6580 is on the point of eastbound roadrailers at Homewood, PA on 6/20/00. It was deleted on 1-4-2002.

NS 8105 (CR 6592) C30-7A

Former CR C30-7A 6592 is at Cresson, PA on 9/10/2000. Shortly afterwards it was sold to Estonia and became Eesti Raudtee 1571, a C30-7Ai.

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