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Eleven units, led by B23-7 1953, are on WB empty hopper train UMP-61 as they pass GP38-2 8157 on a light engine move on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. 10:10AM on 3/28/82 in Havre de Grace, MD.
Here's a close-up of GP30-2175 switching at the McCormick Spice Mill in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park. At the corner of Gilroy & Clubhouse Roads as I recall. 4:15PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley, MD.

GP30 2175 is switching a paper warehouse in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park on a spur that comes off of the former PRR Northern Central Line.

Photo was taken on 4:45PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley MD.

CR U23B-2789 & GP38-2-8120 are leading a W/B freight as they pass MG Tower at Mid-Grade on the east slope. 1:29PM on 4/24/82 west of Altoona, PA.
Under wire: GP40-2 3280 is on the point of an E/B freight rolling through Parkesburg, PA at 10:30AM on 10-24-81.
Three E44s, led by 4402, are on a S/B Potomac Yard bound freight as they pass through Amtrak's Baltimore-Washington International Airport station on the Northeast Corridor. 1:48PM on 1/25/81 in BWI Station, MD.

A S/B coal train is passing under the Wilkens Avenue overpass on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

SD45s- 6215, 6220 & 6223 are on the point along with an unidentified fourth unit.

Late morning on 12/20/80 in W. Baltimore, MD.


Five years and eight months after the birth of "Big Blue", blackberry ex Penn Central SD40-6262 is leading two CR blueberries, SD40-2 6377 & SD35 6023, on a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, about to cross Martin Blvd in Middle River, MD.

The blackberries/blueberries terms were coined by noted rail photographer J. J. Young, Jr.

1:47PM on 12/19/81.


Back when freight on the Northeast Corridor was a regular occurrence in daylight, two CR SD40s-6344 & 6303 are S/B with a loaded coal train.

The industrial spur, long gone, led to the Mitchell's Corn facility.

3:25PM on 12/5/81 in Perryman, MD.

SD40-2 6366, GP30 2240, U23B 2750, B23-7 1978 & GP38-2 8024 are leading a S/B ULK (Chalk Point) coal train. Here, before heading south, it is switching some cars at the south end of the Collington Siding under Old Annapolis Road on the Pope's Creek Secondary. 12:15PM on 8/14/83 in Bowie, MD.

A good mix of CR power (SD40-2-6366, GP30-2240, U23B-2750, B23-7-1978 & GP38-2-8024) is leading a S/B ULK (Chalk Point) coal train. Here, its crossing Mt. Oak Road on the Pope's Creek Secondary. 12:45PM on 8/14/83 in Bowie, MD.

Our S/B ULK (Chalk Point) coal train on the Herbert Secondary heading toward Chalk Point. 2:00PM on 8/14/83 near Malcolm, MD
Another shot of S/B ULK (Chalk Point) coal train on the Herbert Secondary heading toward Chalk Point. 2:00PM on 8/14/83 near Malcolm, MD
Relatively new SD40-2-6395 is up front with ex PRR/PC SD45-6138. I have no idea how I accessed this location. 2:15PM on 3/11/78 in Philadelphia, PA.
The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, is getting under way on Chessie System rails at CS's BA Tower in Bay View Yard. But, it won't be going east on the Philly Sub. It will pull down to North Point and then back over the connection to the Northeast Corridor to continue its journey north. CR SD40-2s-6420 & 6519, with GP40-3200, are on the point. 2:45PM on 5/16/82 in East Baltimore, MD.

SD9s 6903 & 6902 are shoving a coal train over the hump at Buckeye Yard.

1:00PM on 11/9/80 in Columbus, OH.


GP38 7858 is leading a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

3:50PM on 8/2/81 in Perryman, MD.


A tattered ex Penn Central GP38-2 7944 has just come across Rockville Bridge from Enola Yard and is approaching the Linglestown Road overpass. A sliver of Rockville Tower can be seen in the far distance.

9:05AM on 8/23/81 in Rockville, PA.

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