Surviving GP9s

ESPN 1701 (CR 7189)

ESPN 1701 is seen at East York, PA on 8/11/15. Unit is ex QT 1701/PW 1701/PW 7189/CR 7189/PC 7189/PRR 7189 and was built 11-57 by EMD as part of order 5570.

ETI 2001 and 1001 at the Port Richmond Graino, 1982

One of the grain elevators in Philadelphia was in the Port Richmond Section and was an old Reading RR facility. This facility was run by a company called Energy Terminals Inc.(ETI) GP-9 #2001 is an ex CR, PC, NYC (#7353) while GP-7 #1001 is an ex Frisco unit (#580). Taken sometime in 1982. Philadelphia, PA.

GU 1750 (CR 7205)

G&U 1750 (Ex GU 1702/BCLR 1702/PW 1702/PW 7205/CR 7205/PRR 7205) continues to soldier on at Hopedale, MA.

NHN 1757 (CR 7083)

NHN 1757 (Ex CR 7083/PRR 7083) has been sold to the 470 Railroad Club and has been stored at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH. It was supposedly bought for parts to restore the 470 Railroad Club B&M F7A 4268.

PRR 7048 (CR 7048)

Former CR 7048 is seen preserved at Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, PA on 6/16/16.

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