Alan Page's Conrail: 1976 to 1984

Alan Page's Conrail photography features Conrail’s early years covering PRR's electrified lines, Horseshoe Curve and Conway operations, RDG's Abrams and Rutherford yards, LV's Allentown yard, CNJ's South Amboy and Elizabethport passenger and freight operations, and EL's Binghamton and Croxton yards.

These albums include colorful mixes of predecessor road power, leased units, former PC and EMD demonstrator electric power, multiple builder consists from EMD, GE, and ALCo, and widespread locomotive retirements from the fallen flags.

Alan Page's CR: 11-1976 to 4-1977

This album features year one of Conrail’s operations. 

Areas covered include the electrified former PRR Trenton Cutoff, Morrisville yard, and Northeast Corridor, the small ex-RDG Abrams yard and Philadelphia RDG Division commuter line, the ex-LV Allentown yard and Bethlehem engine terminal, and the former EL Scranton and Binghamton operations.   

Also included at the end of year one was Conrail’s unique handling of Philadelphia commuter operations during the 44-day Septa Transit Workers strike from March 25 to May 8, 1977.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1977 to 4-1978

This album features year two of Conrail operations.

Expanding west from Morrisville and Abrams, areas covered include Enola, Altoona, Conway, Mingo Junction, and Weirton, WV, and east to South Amboy and Elizabethport, NJ.  

Following massive retirements of Alco’s, Baldwin’s, and EMD cab units, Conrail leased units from BAR, CNW, SP, and CN to make up for the power shortages.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1978 to 4-1979

This album features year three of Conrail operations.

The year saw GP-30’s replace Alco’s from Morrisville yard service, but Alco’s still operated out of Bethlehem, Enola, Conway and Mingo Junction into the spring of 1979.  Electric power remained strong as former PRR GG-1’s, E-44’s, and E-33’s led mainline freights throughout the spring of 1979.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1979 to 4-1980

This album features year four of Conrail operations.

The year saw Alco’s fade from mainline service at Morrisville, Bethlehem, and Enola, although Alco RS-11’s were still operating at Bethlehem in July, 1979.  

At Croxton in August, 1979, Alco RS-3M’s were operational along with some ancient SW-1’s. 

After over 40 years of service, GG-1’s were still going strong in June of 1979.  An August funeral train of E-44’s and E-33’s at Morrisville, however, signaled the nearing end for all electric power on Conrail. GG-1's and E-33's led mainline freights in late November, 1979, but by the spring of 1980, only E-44’s were seen operating out of Morrisville and Enola.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1980 to 4-1981

This album features year five of Conrail operations. 

By the spring of 1981, the disappearance of operational Alco’s other than RS-3M’s appeared complete.  With the arrival of new SD40-2's completed in 1979, and GP40-2's in early 1980, sidelining of 20-cylinder power, ancient SW-1’s, and GP-7/GP-9’s began in the spring of 1981. The beginning of spring would also see the beauty of Horseshoe Curve changed when on 3-31-1981 Conrail removed track #2.

Other than the appearance of an occasional PC black unit, EL RDG, LV, and CNJ predecessor paint schemes were becoming rare.

Sadly, the year would see the end of electric power on Conrail with only E-44’s operational at Enola in the summer of 1980.

On the CR-contracted passenger side, however, former SR Southern Crescent E-8A’s were added to join former PC E-8A’s on the NY&LB.  The ageless GG-1’s continued their amazing years of service based out of South Amboy.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1981 to 4-1982

This album features year six of Conrail operations. 

The year saw the finality of the end of Conrail electric service by the scrapping of some GG-1’s at Naparano. In NJ, however, CR-contracted commuter service for NJDOT continued into 1982 with former PC E-8A’s, ex-CNJ GP-40P’s, and timeless GG-1’s continuing their strong records of service.

Alan Page's CR: 5-1982 to 4-1984

This album features year seven and eight of Conrail operations. 

CR blue was almost universal with the appearance of only an occasional predecessor paint scheme.

Over 7 1/2 years of CR-contracted commuter operations in NJ came to an end on January 1, 1983 when NJ Transit took control of operations. 

Former PC E-8A retirements began following the end of CR commuter operations. GG-1 service continued until October 31, 1983.

For 1984, the spring saw large retirements of 20-cylinder and electric power at Harrisburg and Rutherford.

Alan Page's CR: 8-1986, 12-1988, and 2-1991

This album features a brief look at 1986 Enola, 1988 Allentown yard, and 1991 Bethlehem operations.

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