Orrville yard

CR's Orrville yard was a former PRR yard located in Orrville, Ohio.

CR 2339 Orrville, OH 07-21-1978

As a N&W coal train glides above, a Conrail westbound passes the east end of Orrville yards. Today the Conrail is the NS, the N&W is the Wheeling. Numbers include 2339, 3050, 8168, and 3135.

CR 2401 Orrville, OH 07-19-1977

A helper set drifts west through Orrville, Ohio heading for Big Run and another eastward push. DL-640 2401, a former PRR unit, joins a GP38 in this July 1977 photo.

CR 2401 Orrville, OH 10-29-1978

A pair of former PRR units work the former PRR Orrville yard, both now the property of Conrail. RS-27 (DL640) 2401 and C-425 2416 smoke it up as they drill some cars.

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