Motor yard

CR's Motor yard was located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.

CR 1733 Bedford, OH 01-22-1978

Conrail F7A 1733 get some windshield wiper attention as the fireman eyeballs the photographer. Motor yard, Bedford, Ohio in January 1978.

CR 1743 Cleveland, OH 5-18-1977

A Conrail ABAA set of F7's rest at Motor yard on the east side of Cleveland,Ohio after their run from Collinwood. It's May of 1977, and all but the 1743 have received the "CR" treatment. In order, 1743,3869,1750,and 1755.

CR 1772 Macedonia, OH 03-8-1979

Conrail F7A's 1772, 1784, and 1829, all ex NYC, work the east end of Motor yard in the last year of freight F unit service.

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