Collinwood yard

CR's Collinwood yard was a former NYC yard located in Collinwood, Ohio.

CR 1730 Collinwood, OH 11-14-1978

What a place to find a nice ABA set of Conrail F's, the Collinwood deadline. Their running days over, the 1730. 3870, and 1725 have joined former EL, RDG, and PC Alco's to await a trip to the scrapper this November 1978 day.

CR 1792 Collinwood, OH 02-11-1979

Three F units and 1 PC geep are poised to make their last run west to the scrapper this Feb 1979 day. Dead and drained, 1792, 1854, 1794, and the geep are headed for trade in fodder in Chicago. The 1792 is the celebrity of the bunch, the only F to get blue paint. It's the former 1648, one of only 6 that got renumbered just prior to their retirement to make room for the new GP-15's.

CR 1879 Collinwood, OH 04-28-1978

Conrail 1879's heritage is a no brainer for those in the know- it's a former Denver and Rio Grande F7A, the dual headlights and MU location giving it away if the number don't. It would be the highest numbered ex Penn Central F7A conveyed to Conrail, and it started life as DRGW 5754 in July 1952 and was retired by Conrail on the 24th of May, 1978, so odds are it never ran after this shot was taken.....bummer.

CR 4369 Collinwood, OH 07-8-1977

A pair of former PRR FP7's bring the daily Columbus to Cleveland van train into the yard at Collinwood. CR 4369 and 4345 will cut away and head for the engine house in short order.

CR 4370 Collinwood, OH 04-8-78

Already worn out when they became property of Conrail, a small fleet of ex PRR FP7A's lasted only a few years after 04-01-76. By that date only 18 of the original 40 PRR units were still on the PC roster to be conveyed to the new Conrail, and several of those were already down for the count. CR 4370 had started life on the PRR in August of 1952, but by this April 1978 date it has only a few weeks left running. The PRR nose lift rings are still there, but the water tank under the frame is gone.

CR 6740 Collinwood, OH 08-5-1976

Eastbound grain has Penn Central Alco C628 # 6302 and Reading Lines C630's 5301 and 5305 for power at Collinwood on a muggy August 1976 day. PC 6302 would become CR 6740, the two RDG's would become 6754 and 6758.

CR 6777 Collinwood, OH 10-5-1978

Four big Alco Centuries, 2 C630's and 2 C628's, pull out of Collinwood for Whiskey Island. CR 6777 was PC 6327 prior to April 1976.

CR 9993 Collinwood, OH 09-19-1979

Blue duo 9993 and 5956, ex New Haven and NYC units, work Collinwood yard in September 1979. RS3mod 9993 was Penn Central/Conrail 5484 prior to the conversion, and NYNH&H 558 before that.

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