DeWitt yard

CR's DeWitt yard was a former New York Central yard located in Syracuse, NY.

CR 1944 west WASY local Dewitt 1018995

A local departs Dewitt Yard, heading for the Chicago Line, which it will gain at CP 285. Seen from the former Amtrak/NYC station.

CR 1960 west WAFU12 Dewitt 10231995

A single B23-7 has today's WAFU 12 in hand as it leaves Dewitt.

CR 3685 Syracuse, NY 10-1-1980

Former EL 2579 is seen at Dewitt Yard, East Syracuse, NY in October 1980. Note the EL diamond still visible on the nose.

CR 5583 west TV 13 Dewitt 03181995

The power for TV 13 backs onto its train after making a pick up at Dewitt.

CR 5618 west Trailvan 10181995

A westbound TV train rolls past the Syracuse Amtrak station with 62 trailer flats. I didn't have my scanner with me most of the time I was at driving school, so did not get the symbol, but looking at the UPS trailers right behind the power, I'd venture this is either TVLA or TV 79, both of which went to the Santa Fe. C40-8 6083 is the trailing unit.

CR 5624 west ML 403 TV 261 west Dewitt 10181995

ML 403 with 96 auto racks behind 5624 creeps past TV 261, working Dewitt Yard. It will depart shortly afterward with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC. All this is seen from the platform of the Amtrak station. Pretty good place to wait for a train!!

CR 6031 east TV 204 Dewitt 03181995

Seen from the Amtrak station across the yard, a GE/EMD combo leads TV 204 into Dewitt to work the Trailvan terminal. He's coming in with 95 stack platforms and 3 COFC. He'll likely leave town a bit shorter.

CR 6100 east SV 14 Dewitt 09021994

SV 14 rolls into Dewitt to make a set out, coming in with 115 platforms, seen from across the yard at the Amtrak station.

CR 6142 west TV Dewitt 11071995

An unidentified westbound TV train pumps air at Dewitt before heading west with 106 platforms and 6 COFC on a gray afternoon. UP 3572 trails.

CR 6745 west TV203K depart Dewitt 03181995

Having now made his pick up, TV 203K once again rolls past the Amtrak station as he heads out toward CP 285 and the Chicago Line with 106 platforms.

CR 6777 west TVLA TV 261 Dewitt 10181995

TVLA with CR 6777/5641/5628 and 91 cars, rolls past the Amtrak station while TV 261, behind CR 5594/6745, makes a pick up at Dewitt. It will head west with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC.

CR 7906 east WAFU12 Dewitt 09021994

WAFU12, behind a non typical pair of GP 38's, rolls into Dewitt with 30 inbound cars from the Fulton Secondary. It will swap them here for cars going to the branch, then make a short jaunt on the Chicago Line to CP 293 over at Solvay, then home to Fulton.

CR 8681 Syracuse, NY 7-29-1978

Conrail SW8 8681 (ex-LV 267) at the Dewitt Yard, Syracuse, NY on 29 July 1978.

CR 9556 Syracuse 1992

SW1500 9556 on a switching move near the Dewitt Yards in East Syracuse in 1992. Taken from the Amshack prior to its relocation to the west end of Syracuse.

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