Hornell yard

Part of Conrail's Southern Tier, Hornell yard was a former Erie yard located in Hornell, NY.

CR 21532 Hornell, NY 4/9/1978

An N-7A caboose on a Westbound.

CR 2517 Hornell, NY 6-10-1978

A Westbound departs Hornell.

CR 2812 Hornell, NY 4-22-1978

3 GE's pause at the crew change point in Hornell with a Westbound freight.

CR 2861 Hornell, NY 5/7/1978

A U30-B leads an empty hopper train.

CR 2902 Hornell, NY 3/8/1980

An Eastbound pulls into the crew change area at Hornell.

CR 2946 Hornell, NY 6/10/1978

A U33-B leads an Eastbound into Hornell.

CR 2961 Hornell, NY 3/15/1980

An Eastbound makes a pickup at the East end of the old Hornell Yard at ZY Interlocking.

CR 3069 Hornell, NY 4/30/1978

A Westbound is parked at the crew change point in the evening.

CR 3107 Hornell, NY 4/9/1978

Shift change at Hornell as an Eastbound arrives.

CR 3150 Hornell, NY 4/9/1978

A Westbound at the crew change point in Hornell.

CR 3284 Hornell, NY 6/25/1978

4 crews exchange info as 2 Eastbound trains arrive at Hornell for crew changes. Newer power in the form of 3284 leads one train, while older power led by 7026 leads the 2nd train. Hornell was a very active place for the 1st 4 years of CR.

CR 3649 Hornell, NY 5-6-1978

CR 3649 - 3062 - 2573 pause for a crew change at Hornell.

CR 3649 Hornell, NY 5/6/1978

The crew look like ghosts in this time exposure of a Westbound at Hornell.

CR 3669 Hornell, NY 6/17/1978

An Eastbound CR freight has just arrived at Hornell. The inbound crew is getting across the tracks while the headend outbound crew is getting ready to board the 3669. the D&H freight is already recrewed and is waiting for the CR guys to get across the tracks before it leaves town.

CR 3686 Hornell, NY 5/7/1978

An Eastbound rolls thru Hornell at dawn. This was a Buffalo to Sayre train and it did not stop in Hornell for a crew change.

CR 3689 Hornell, NY 6/10/1978

An EL painted GP-35 leads an Eastbound at the crew change office in Hornell.

CR 5981 Hornell, NY 3/24/1978

4 ex EL GP-7s have just dropped a train off at the yard in Hornell. If I remember correctly, this was some sort of turn job from Corning.

CR 6127 Hornell, NY 5/5/1979

A Westbound waits for a new crew at Hornell.

CR 6197 Hornell, NY 6/4/1978

An Eastbound freight departs Hornell at ZY.

CR 6241 Hornell, NY 3/22/1980

TV-77 arrives at Hornell with a SD-40 running long hood forward.

CR 6461 Hornell, NY 5/5/1979

This shot shows just how busy early CR in Hornell could be back in the 70's. There are 3 Westbound trains, one on the main without any power and 2 parked in sidings. 6461 is making up the lashup for the train on the main.

CR 6551 Hornell, NY 10-30-1977

A Westbound leaves Hornell behind as it starts to climb the "hill" on the line to Meadville.

CR 6680 Hornell, NY 5-27-1978

An Eastbound freight arrives at the crew change point in Hornell with a 3 builder lashup. This was probably IHCR as it came off the Youngstown Line.

CR 6686 Hornell, NY 4/23/1978

6686 stops at Hornell for a crew change with a Westbound. The 2nd unit is an ex Frisco leaser.

CR 6785 Hornell, NY 7/1/1978

Looking like a big dinosaur, 6785 dwarfs the auto in the foreground, the crewman, and the stored cars in the background.

CR 7827 Hornell, NY 4/9/1978

A set of light engines stops at Hornell for a crew change. That brown building was the crew motel.

CR 7975 Hornell, NY 6/4/1978

A pair of black GP-38-2s, a U33-B, and a SD-45 in blue wait at Hornell for a recrew.

CR 8099 Hornell, NY 3/22/1980

A set of power backs up to pick up its train on a siding at Hornell.

CR 8693 Hornell, NY 8/1977

This little EL SW-8 364 spent the summer of 1977 as the Hornell switcher.

CR 9213 & DH 7320 Hornell, NY 6/24/1978

An Eastbound D&H freight and a CR switcher at Hornell

CR 9998 Hornell, NY 3/19/1978

This ex EL RS-3m could usually be found at Hornell or at Gang Mills in the early years of CR.

CR 9998 Hornell, NY 4/30/1978

While CR 9998 sits on a siding, a Westbound D&H train arrives for a recrew.

CR 9998 Hornell, NY 4/9/1978

A better view of 9998 at Hornell. This was the only RS-3m conversion that EL did.

DH 35815 Hornell, NY 8/1977

Once upon a time, the back ends of trains used to be just as interesting as the front end. A couple of crewman are seen at the back end of 2 different Westbound D&H freights that are ready to depart Hornell.

DH 604 Hornell, NY 5/6/1978

Power on a D&H freight gets fueled at the old EL fuel racks in Hornell.

DH 712 Hornell, NY 5/6/1978

An Eastbound D&H freight pauses at Hornell for a crew change.

DH 7317 Hornell, NY 8-1-1977

A set of D&H engines heads down to the ex EL shops to get fueled.

DH 7606 Hornell, NY 4/22/1979

The Westbound D&H salt train GV-1 arrives at Hornell as an Eastbound D&H train departs.

DH 7615 Hornell, NY 6/4/1978

A look at the crew change area in Hornell. The small gray building was the crew office. The large brown building on the hillside was the crew motel. The end of the motel that is just above the roof of the crew office was the cafeteria.

DH 803 Hornell, NY 8/1977

D&H train Apollo-1 stops at Hornell for a crew change. The 803 was one of the 3 SD-45s that was swapped back from the EL for 3 U-33Cs before Conrails start.

EL 1241 Hornell, NY 8/1977

A set of 4 EL geeps have brought a turn job from Corning into Hornell on a summer night.

Frisco 806 Hornell, NY 4/23/1978

An ex Frisco U25-B sits at Hornell in the evening. This was one of several types of leased power that was on early CR.

NW 1515 Hornell, NY 5/6/1978

D&H Train Apollo 1 gets a crew change in the middle of the night at Hornell.

NW 2491 Hornell, NY 6/10/1978

A D&H train with N&W power arrives at Hornell for a crew change. One has to wonder if the crews wouldn't have prefered that new SD-40-2 to be leading.

NW 8497 Hornell, NY 5/6/1978

A 3 builder lashup leads a Westbound D&H freight at Hornell.

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