Goodman Street Yard

CR's Goodman Street Yard was a former New York Central yard located in Rochester, NY.

CN 5583 Rochester, NY 7/1977

CN lease power works an Eastbound by Goodman Street yard. Those wide cabs were a novelty at the time.

CR 2037 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An RS32 and 2 GP-35s are ready to head out of Goodman Street yard with a local train.

CR 2040 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

It's hard to pick the more interesting subject. The old PC fuel truck is just as nice as the RS-32s under the sand tower.

CR 2040 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An RS-32 and a pair of GP-9B units arrive at Goodman Street Yard with one of the "big" locals. This was probably the train from Kodak. The Kodak train and the salt train were the 2 biggest locals out of Rochester.

CR 2237 Rochester, NY 7/1977

A clean PC painted GP-30 leads a Westbound at Goodman Street.

CR 2254 Rochester, NY 4/17/1977

An Eastbound with a GP-35 and 3 U25-Bs at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 2520 Rochester, NY 4-17-1977

A Westbound at Goodman Street Yard with 3 PC units.

CR 2562 Rochester, NY 6-3-1978

2 blue GEs lead 2 black EMDs on a Westbound freight. The 2nd & 3rd cars are freight cars on flat cars.

CR 2573 Rochester, NY 12/2/1979

Winter weather arrived early in December of 1979. There is plenty of snow and ice on this set of power working at the East end of Goodman Street Yard.

CR 2632 Rochester, NY 6/22/1978

2632 has an empty hopper train rolling by Goodman Street Yard.

CR 2638 Rochester, NY Summer 1977

A pair of PC lettered U25-Bs work Goodman St.

CR 2642 Rochester, NY 7/1977

A U25B & U30B are arriving at Rochester to do some work. Check out those PRR keystones on the nose & long hood of 2642.

CR 2832 Rochester, NY 3/18/1978

Still showing the white sill stripe from its NYC days.

CR 2878 Rochester, NY 9/1977

A Westbound freight is led by 2 GE's as they pass by Goodman Street Yard. The Chicago Line was ruled by 4 axle GE's between Buffalo & Selkirk in CR's early years.

CR 2938 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

A Westbound works Goodman Street Yard, as viewed from the yard tower.

CR 3212 Rochester, NY 1/22/1978

CRs first 2 winters were pretty hard. A Westbound passes thru deep snow at the East end of Goodman Street yard.

CR 3689 Rochester, NY 8/1977

3689 leads EL 2584 & PC 5313 with a Westbound freight that is working Goodman St. Yard.

CR 3690 Rochester, NY 4/28/1978

ML-1 has a green signal at Goodman Street Yard after working the piggyback facility. The track on the left was the West lead into the piggyback terminal at Rochester.

CR 5935 Rochester, NY 1/22/1978

5935 moves thru the East end of Goodman Street Yard while a snow jet crew melts snow at a switch.

CR 6041 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An Eastbound arrives at Goodman Street to work the yard.

CR 6355 Rochester, NY 4/8/1977

A friendly wave from the engineer on an Eastbound passing under the signal bridge at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6504 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

An Eastbound is pulling in on track 3 to work Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6509 Rochester, NY 9/1977

A pair of U-25-C's are making a setoff at the East end of Goodman Street Yard in Rochester.

CR 6513 Rochester, NY 2/18/1978

An Eastbound van train passes under the signal bridge at the West end of Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6524 Rochester, NY 8/1977

CR 6524 wears the "crooked can opener" logo. 6524 & 6678 lead a Westbound hopper train at Goodman Street Yard in Rochester, NY in August, 1977.

CR 6529 Rochester, NY 4/1977

A U-28-C and a U-25-C team up on a Westbound that is departing the Goodman St. Yard in Rochester, NY. That is the East Main St. bridge that goes over the top of the train in the distance..

CR 6572 Rochester, NY 3-1978

An ex EL unit backs into the piggyback terminal for a pickup at Rochester.

CR 6578 Rochester, NY 8/1977

A Westbound CR pig train is passing the once busy Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6581 Rochester, NY 2/18/1978

One of just 5 U30Cs that came from the RDG.

CR 6589 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An ex EL U36-C is in the middle of a lahup at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6668 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

It was unususal to find big power parked at Goodman Street. An ex EL SDP-45 & U33-C are at the West end of the yard.

CR 6676 Rochester, NY 12/1977

An SDP-45 and a leased CN GP-38 have cut off of their train and are heading up to the crossovers to make a pickup in the yard.

CR 6690 Rochester, NY 7/1977

A pair of ex EL units are in charge of an Eastbound.

CR 6817 Rochester, NY 5/10/1979

A coal train has just passed Goodman Street yard at sunrise.

CR 6947 Rochester, NY 4/29/1978

The Buffalo - Rochester Turn was commonly used to get the Frontier Yard SD-38's some road time. Here an SD-38 leads an SW-1500 & GP-35 into Goodman Street Yard. It was pretty normal for this train to have 1 or 2 of the SD-38's on it.

CR 7602 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An RS-11 heads out of Goodman Street yard with a local.

CR 7604 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An RS-11 does some switching at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 7801 Rochester, NY 3/18/1979

An Eastbound freight is working Goodman Street Yard.

CR 8008 Rochester, NY 7/1977

A GP38-2 leads a pair of F units on an Eastbound intermodal train.

CR 8033 Rochester, NY 7/1977

5 units from 3 builders and 2 RRs power a train working Goodman Street yard. The GT unit was a leaser.

CR 8102 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

A set of 4 PC GP-38-2s pulls into Goodman Street Yard.

CR 9561 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

The yard switcher is parked in front of some nice ex EL units at the West end of Goodman Street yard.

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