Class H45

The H45 class of covered hoppers were built in two groups by ACF in 1966 as PRR 259751-260000 & PRR 260776-260870. 163 cars of the PRR series 259751-260000 carried their PRR number to Conrail and were renumbered into the CR 888521-890851. The wide number range is due to cars being renumbered around other cars joining the fleet. 80 cars from the same PRR series became PC 888000-888247 and then CR 888000-888247. 68 Cars from the PRR 260776-260870 series carried their PRR number to CR and were renumbered into CR 891086-891108. 25 cars of the same PRR series became PC 888248-888340 and then CR 888248-888240. Cars are rated at 100 tons, 4600 cuft & are 57 ft long.

AEX 1001 - Class H45

Car is ex CR 888096/PC 888096/PRR 259848.

ALAB 888633 - Class H45

Car is ex CR 888633/PRR 259840.

DSSX 5429-Class H45

DSSX 5429 at East Wayne yard in New Haven, IN on August 2, 2008. This ex Conrail car has faded to the point where if look real closely, you can see the old PRR keystone logo showing through. Car is ex INTX 7034/NRLX 46339/TFM 82025/NRLX 46339/CR 890385/PRR 259921.

INTX 7029-Class H45

INTX 7029 is seen on Q439-21 at Newark DE on 12/22/09. Car is ex NRLX 46301/CR 88????.

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