Frontier yard

CR's Frontier yard was a former New York Central yard located in Buffalo, NY.

CR 5044 Buffalo 1993

Dash 7 meets Dash 8. B36-7 5044 is facing westbound about to pass standing C40-8W 6212 in Frontier Yard in Buffalo in 1993

CR 6101 Buffalo, NY 4/16/1978

One of only 5 ex Reading SD-45's is seen backing into the West end of Frontier Yard

CR 6212 Buffalo 1993

An eastbound freight with C40-8W 6212 in the lead pulls to a stop along Broadway for a crew change in 1993.

CR 6701 Cheektowaga, NY 8/1977

A U23C and GP-9B work the Frontier Yard hump drill, still in PC leterring.

CR 6707 Cheektowaga, NY 12/29/1994

A Westbound stack train gets recrewed at MP434.

CR 7593 Frontier Yard, Buffalo 1993

Frontier Yard/hump power GP10 7593 and slug pass by C40-8W 6212 that was waiting by Broadway for a new crew in 1993.

CR Frontier yard Buffalo, NY

A general view of the top of the hump at Conrail's Frontier Yard, in August 1997. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Frontier Yard, Buffalo, NY 8/1977

A view looking into the engine service tracks at Frontier Yard.

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