Chrysler yard

CR's Chrysler yard was located in Newark, DE.

Amtrak 930 Newark, DE 11-26-1983

While former RDG SW-1001's 9404 (still in RDG green), 9414 and 9407 work Chrysler yard, Amtrak EMD AEM7 930 rolls by on the mainline with five coaches in November, 1983.

Conrail's Chrysler Yard 10/30/97

Conrail's Chrysler Yard located in Newark DE is seen here on 10/30/97.

CR 9404 Newark, DE 11-26-1983

CR SW1001 9404 (ex-RDG 2604) works the Newark yard in November, 1983.

CR's Chrysler Yard in Newark, DE 6/5/98

Conrail's Chrysler Yard located in Newark, DE is seen in this June 5th, 1998 view.

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