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CR's Selkirk yard was a former NYC yard located in the hamlet of Selkirk within Bethlehem, NY. 

Selkirk was known for being the home to many GE U-boats during Conrail's earlier years.

CR 6958 and 1128 at Selkirk yard in 1990

Mother and slug set SD38 (6958) and MT 6 (1128) push a string of cars up the hump at Selkirk yard in 1990.

CR 9378 shop Selkirk 08111985

An SSW 1200 sits outside the Selkirk shop.

CR 9510-2838 shop Selkirk 08111985

An SW 1500 and U30B sit outside the Selkirk shops with an unidentified GP 30.

CR 9513 Selkirk, NY 12/26/1977

Late in the afternoon on a frigid December 26 in 1977, former PC SW1500 9513 works the Selkirk yard.

CR 9962 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR RS-3M 9962 at Selkirk yard in August, 1979.

CR 9962 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR RS-3M 9962, SW-1 8429, and NW-2 9270 at Selkirk yard in August, 1979.

CR SB1000 at Selkirk, NY

Conrail Snow Blower SB1000 at the MofW yard Selkirk, NY 6/14/1995

CR Welcome to Selkirk, NY

Alert Bert Says Welcome to Selkirk!

CR7901 Selkirk

In 1992 the Mohawk & Hudson chapter of NRHS had a tour of the facilities at Selkirk. This is a horrible picture of GP38 7901 in the light repair facility there. Why share a horrible picture? How often do you get to see the inside of a locomotive repair facility?

Hump tower operator

During a tour of Selkirk with the Mohawk and Hudson Chapter of NRHS we had the privilege of going into the hump tower. Lots of grain because of the dim lighting, but not many people get this privilege.

Hump tower view

View east from the Selkirk Hump tower as free rolling cars are diverted here and there onto different bowl tracks. 1992 visit with Mohawk & Hudson NRHS chapter.

Hump view

Freight cars free-wheel (not quite thanks to retarders) down the hill to the bowl tracks of the Selkirk hump in 1992.

Hump worker

Even with all of the automation and technology involved in humping cars it still requires a human to pull the cut lever and send a car rolling down the hill.

Selkirk Diesel during the 1988 NRHS Convention

Railfans enjoy a tour of the Selkirk engine house during the NRHS convention of 1988. The excursion's power was the Morristown and Erie Alcos to the left, while Conrail U23B 2791 takes sand at the maintenance facility. Today it's hard to imagine a railroad inviting any railfans, let alone a whole train load onto their property.

Selkirk Hump 1990

A mother and slug begin to back down from the crest of the hump at Selkirk yard after releasing the last of their charges at the summit in 1990. The normal slug sets at Selkirk were SD38s and MT6 slugs, so I assume that is what is pictured here.

Selkirk Hump 1990.2

A couple of boxcars take a joyride down the hill at the Selkirk hump while others wait their turn at the top.

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