Hollidaysburg yard

CR's Hollidaysburg yard was a former PRR yard located in Hollidaysburg, PA.

CR 472751 Frame - Hollidaysburg 9/91

Only the frame and trucks remain on CR 472751 (former PRR 180796) as it awaits shop time to be utilized in the ongoing coalporter rebuild program. In July 1991 it would be released as CR 504446 class G52L coalporter.

CR 8235, 5846, 8232 at Hollidaysburg, PA 10/79

CR 8235, 5846, and 8232 with an assortment of cars, are parked in the yard at Hollidaysburg, PA, among a sea of Conrail freight equipment.

CR 8641 Hollidaysburg, PA 5/91

CR 8641 shuffles cars around in the yard next to the car shops in Hollidaysburg, PA on 5/20/91.

CR 8641 Switching Hollidaysburg Yard 5/91

CR 8641 shuffles cars around in the yard next to the car shops in Hollidaysburg, PA on 5/20/91.

CR boxes stored at Hollidaysburg, PA 8/14/98

Several CR boxes are seen in storage at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/14/98.

Hollidaysburg - 2001

Overall view of stored cars at Hollidaysburg, PA on 5/27/01.

Hollidaysburg from the hump

A moody overview of Hollidaysburg from the former hump on 5/17/04. Today the stored cars have all likely been scrapped and only a few tracks remain of this major facility.

Stored Equipment at Hollidaysburg - 1993

This 1993 overall view from the west end of the yard in Hollidaysburg looking toward the shop building shows just a fraction of the numerous cars that were stored here. The overpass above is Rt. 36.

Today, many of the tracks have been taken up and the remaining ones are being used for storage of hundreds of TTX cars; the car shop building is now owned by the DeGol Organization.

Stored Equipment at Hollidaysburg - 1993

Overall view of the multitudes of stored equipment in the yard, even a CR-owned autorack. Conrail sure offered quite a lot of variety!

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