Rochester locomotive shops

CR 2035 Rochester, NY 3/18/1979

2035 is parked on the North side of the Rochester Diesel Shops.

CR 2175 Rochester, NY 7/1/1977

Power at the Rochester shops this day included a GP-30. It was unusual for this model to be used for local power around the area.

CR 2592 Rochester, NY 3/18/1979

A U25B gets some shop time at the Rochester engine house.

CR 6576 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

A pair of ex EL units get wyed at the Rochester Engine faciliies.

CR 6667 Rochester, NY 4/19/1979

Big power like this SDP-45 & SD-45-2 did not show up at the Rochester engine house very often. The occasion on this day was the crew was unhappy with the leader and was rearranging the consist. The leader had been C-630 #6775.

CR 6668 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

A pair of ex EL units get turned on the wye at the Rochester Diesel Shops.

CR 6775 Rochester, NY 4/19/1979

A pair of big Centuries are pulled out of the Rochester engine facility.

CR 7617 Rochester, NY 3/25/1979

An RS-11 with an I Love NY sticker on its nose.

CR 9562 Rochester, NY 3/18/1979

A variety of small units get serviced at Rochester. Most of these engines would work the branches in the area, except the SW-1500s which would usually switch the yard.

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