Class X61B

CR 218384-Class X61B

Conrail 218384 is seen at Rockville, PA. Car is ex PRR 11589 and was painted CR-BL 10-86.

CR 218523-Class X61B

Conrail 218523 is seen at Spruce Creek, PA. Car is ex PRR 111590 and was painted CR-BL 4-87.

CR 218527-Class X61B

Conrail 218527 is seen at New Brighton, PA. Car is ex PRR 111660.

CR 218530-Class X61B

Conrail 218530 is seen at Newport, PA. Car is ex PRR 111665.

CR 220015 - Class X61B

Car is ex PC 220015/PRR 111608. Photo taken July 1976.

CR 279768-Class X61B

CR 279768 is seen at CSX's Wilsmere Yard in Elsmere DE in Oct of 1990. Car is ex PRR 111644 and was painted CRBS -80.

CR 279770 - Class X61B

Car is ex PRR 111648 and was built 9-65.

CR 280009 - Class X61B

CR 280009 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PRR 111602. It was later re-stenciled to CSXT 165160 in Sept of 2006 and was deleted by CSX on 11/21/07.

CR 280032-Class X61B

CR 280032 is seen in storage at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/14/98. Car is ex PC 280032/PRR 111634, blt 11-65, rblt and repainted 5/19/92 by HCS.

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