Conrail inherited 4 EMD GP38AC's from the Lehigh Valley (LV 310 - 313), assigning them series 7656-7659.

Built between February 1970 and December 1971, EMD's GP38AC included an AR10 alternator instead of the normal generator.

SENH crests the west slope grade in Hinsdale, MA. on July 18, 1981 with an eclectic lash-up featuring one of the two ex LV GP38AC's still wearing Cornell red and another U23-C.
N5C cabin car 23007 tucked in behind the power is a sure indication this is SENH. Also a good look at that U23-C as the train tops the grade in Hinsdale center, MA. on July 18, 1981.
Conrail GP38AC 7656 (ex-LV 310) is seen at Altoona, PA in 1982.
CR GP-38-2 8251 leads GP38AC 7656 (ex-LV 310) and a U-boat down Horseshoe Curve in March, 1981.
CR GP-38-2 8251 leads GP38AC 7656 (ex-LV 310) and a U-boat down Horseshoe Curve in March, 1981.
Former LV GP38AC 310 in Cleveland, OH. in March, 1982. Kind of surprising that CR allowed a couple each of the "Anthracite Roads", including E-L and RDG, units to retain their original owners identity for so long. (Photo by Allen W. Clum w/permission)
Top off the tank and point her towards Sayre....well, maybe not. This former Lehigh Valley GP38AC gets fuel at Collinwood on an unusually nice day for February in NE Ohio. A somewhat cluttered scene with poles, hoses, and even that fire extinguisher, but that's everyday railroading at these kind of locations. One of only 4 of these on Conrail, this unit is actually heading west this day, away from ex Lehigh Valley rails. Ex LV units were always nice to catch as they added a lot of color to the multitudes of ex Penn Central black engines. CR 7657 is ex LV 311, and the good news is she's still with us as NS GP38-2 5516.
Former LV 311 is seen at Fairport, NY in the winter of 1980-1981. Date is approximate. This unit would later be rebuilt as NS 5516.
Conrail GP38AC No. 7657 and sister pull a coal train through the dumper at Ashtabula Harbor, in August 1995. The 7657 is an ex Lehigh Valley unit. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 7657 leads a freight at Allentown PA in the early 1980s. Note the freshly painted slug set in the consist.

A trio of four axle GPs lead an westbound empty UFS coal train through Duncannon PA.

Nice roster shot of GP38AC 7658 at Kingston, NY. in July, 1981 by Joe Quinn, with permission.
One of only four LV GP-38AC's, CR 7658 (ex-LV 312) assists in pusher duty with SD45 6160 at Altoona in August, 1977.
The last of CR's 4 unit "fleet" of GP38AC's, the 7659 leads a herd of various 4 axles, including 4 U23B's and a GP30, on SBSE coming up on MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Oct. 8, 1983.

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