Class BP62A

Former SSW class B-70-70 (from SSW series 63460-63659, built by PC&F) boxcars leased by Conrail in 2-90; all were returned by 6-95.

CR 221594 - Class BP62A

Car is ex SSW 63516 (SSW Class B-70-70) built 8-73 by PC&F. Car would later become CPAA 206619, then AOK 70010, then to KCSM 19008.

CR 221598 - Class BP62A

Car is ex SSW 63527 and was built 1973. (SSW class B-70-70). Car to CPAA 206623 > AOK 77013 > KCSM 19011.

CR 221599 - Class BP62A

CR 221599 is seen on a westbound at Cumberland, MD, on 10/6/90. Car is ex SSW 63529 and was built 8-73. It later went to CPAA 206624.

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