Class H42A

The H42A class was built by ACF in 1964 as PRR 260091-260120. 21 cars carried their PRR number to Conrail and became 884642-884664. 10 cars were renumbered into PC series 884991-885015, then becoming CR 884991-885015. Cars have a capacity of 3500 cuft.

CR 885000 - Class H42A

Car is ex PC 885000/PRR 26????.

NYC 884647 - Class H42A

Car is ex CR 884647/PRR 260100 and was built 11-63.

NYC 884649 - Class H42A

Car is ex CR 884649/PRR 260103 and was built 12-63; remarked to NYC around 10/13/98. It was deleted on 6/29/02.

NYC 885005 - Class H42A

Car is ex CR 885005/PC 885005/PRR 260107 and was built 12-63; was deleted on 3-3-00.

NYC 885005 - Class H42A (Detail)

A-end detail view of former CR 885005 at Confluence, PA on 9/8/99.

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