Class BE50D

Class BE50D was composed of 200 cars built by General American. All cars were equipped with Keystone cusion underframes and 193 also had DF load-restraining belts.

CR 155700

Conrail 155700 is seen in storage at Rutherford, P. We believe this car was erroneously stenciled with an incorrect class, as the style of this car combined with the cushion underframe should make it a BE50D. This number also does not appear on the Day 1 CR freight car conversion, so it was likely a re-number after this car had its DF belts removed.

CR 155700

CR 155700 is seen at Rutherford, PA in storage. Car is ex EL.

CR 267992 - Class BE50D

An ex-Erie Lackawanna boxcar of an unknown class is seen here with a large Conrail logo. Car is ex EL 68527 and was painted at MDV 2-77.

CR 268089 - Class BE50D

CR 268089 is seen at Rutherford, PA in storage. Car is ex EL 68595.

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