Surviving Coil Car Hoods

CSXT 498018 w/NYC Hood

A former CR Hollidaysburg-assembled coil hood is seen on CSXT 498018 at Elsmere, DE on 5/26/18. Hood was repainted CSX RA 4-02.

CSXT 498304

Not a CR car, but carrying a CR survivor, CSXT 498304 is seen on Q406-28 at Newark DE on 3/1/11. As seen in the photo, even ex CR coil hoods find new owners after CR. This hood is now stenciled as OHCR 2232.

CSXT 498768 - class GBSR

CSXT 498738 AAR class GBSR (ex-C&O 307368) shows a NYC cover at Tyrone, GA on January 13, 2018.

G41 coil hood

A former CR G41 coil hood is seen next to a business located in Cresson PA on 6/28/13.

NS 165306 with a CR F51A hood

NS 165306, class CS-18, with a hood from a Conrail F51A "CoilShield 2" car. Both of these NS and CR cars were built by Thrall.

NS 165330 with a CR F51A Hood

NS 165330 is seen with a hood from a Conrail class F51A coil car. Both this NS car and the F51A's are both similar cars built by Thrall.

NS 165361 - class CS-18

A Conrail-hooded NS CS-18 class coil car rolls through Union City on April 21, 2016.

NS 165363 with a CR F51A hood

NS 165363 is seen in the consist of 35A with a coil hood from a CR F51A class coil car at Tyrone, PA on 6/15/18. The F51A class coil cars these hoods rode on were returned to their lessor and are no longer on the NS roster.

NYC 628067 Hood

A test coilhood that was supposed to remain with NYC 628067 is seen on CSXT 499026 at Elsmere, DE on 3/17/18. Coil hood was painted RA 4-03.

RDG coil cover on CSXT 496136

This gem was found on 9/6/06 @ Morrisville, PA...Reading only owned 50 Evans coil cars that were transferred to Conrail as class GR42A, and it's a total fluke that this hood managed to elude the paint booth for so long.

Survivor hood on NS 165360

While not technically a survivor car, NS 165360 features a Conrail coil shield that originally came from a class F51A coilshield car.

Survivor hoods on CSXT 496136

While technically not a CR coil car, this CSXT 496136 gets honorable mention for sporting a pair of ex-CR hoods, including an EXTREMELY rare Reading cover. Morrisville, PA 9/9/2006

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