Other Electrics

CR 4715 at Union, IL

PC 4715 is seen at the Illinois Railroad Museum at Union, IL in March of 1990. This is a class S2 electric that spent its final years in the NYC area it was retired in the early 1980s.

CR 4733 Harmon, NY 2-28-1979

Six PC (ex-NYC) S2E's were on the April 1, 1976 Conrail roster. Penn Central S2E 4733 was one of them, but may not have seen much operation time with Conrail. The Alco-GE electric rests in a makeshift deadline at Harmon, NY in February, 1979.

CR 4756

96-ton GE, former Niagara Junction Railway #20, at Niagara Falls, NY on 8/20/77.

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