Conrail received four GP-18's from the Lehigh Valley to join the April, 1976 roster as CR series 7496-7499.  The 1,800hp GP-9 replacements, built between December 1959 and November 1963, were powered by EMD's normally aspirated 567D1 16 cylinder prime mover.

CR 7496 Elizabethport, NJ 9/78

GP18 7496 (ex LV 302) rolls east through E-Port yard.

CR 7498 Altoona, PA 4-28-1985

Former LV 304 in storage at Altoona, PA on 4/28/1985. Just visible to the right is a CR welded rail flat and a PRR H39 hopper.

CR 7498 Enola, PA 12/26/82

Ah, yes, the good ol' days, back in 1982. What any of us wouldn't give to go back to this time. One of only 4 GP18's owned by CR, the 7498, is in the company of SW-9 9018, SDP45 6668 and U23C 6709 at Enola, and God only knows what else is in the background....ex Raritan River SW?

CR 7498 in Elizabethport NJ.

A former Lehigh Valley GP18, (LV 304) seen at Elizabethport, NJ, was one of four (302-305) on the LV roster. Built with high noses, like the Valley's two GP9s, (300, 301) this one was wrecked, and rebuilt by ICG, at its Paducah, KY shops, with a low nose, and paper air filters, which accounts for the box ahead of the dynamic brake assembly.

CR 7499 Elizabethport, NJ 2-28-1979

One of four ex-LV GP-18's inherited by Conrail, CR 7499 (ex-LV 305) rests outside the Elizabethport locomotive shops in February, 1979.

CR 7499 Manville, NJ 7/78

Theres a lite rain falling as the 7499 (former LV 305) idles outside the yard office. The 7499 was one of four GP18's (302-305) built for the Lehigh Valley.

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