Surviving ALCOs

BH 422 (CR 2488)

Ex CR C-424 2488 is now B&H 422. The unit is ex EL 2414. Here it is on "home" rails, the ex EL Rochester Division, which later became the CR Mortimer Secondary before being purchased by the LA&L in 1996. The train is crossing Honeoye Creek in West Rush. This unit was rebuilt to a C-424-m in the 1980's and became D&H 455 prior to becoming a LA&L family engine.

D&H 401 (CR 2077/L&HR 29) October 1981

Although only 6 Lehigh and Hudson River Alco C420 units were conveyed to Conrail, 3 of them survive today on the Arkansas and Missouri RR. One in particular, A&M 58, seems to have 9 lives. It started life as L&HR #29 and became property of Conrail 04-01-1976 and was renumbered to CR 2077. By 1980 it was off the roster, and the Delaware and Hudson picked it up for parts to keep their other C420's going. Apparently the Allentown shop folks had kept it in pretty good shape as the D&H decided it was good enough to use and renumbered it #401 (as seen here) and sent it out to earn it's keep. A good runner, it would survive into the Guilford era where yet another number and paint job would be applied, this time as #420 in the Guilford gray scheme. Guilford would retire it after a few years, but life wasn't over yet- the A&M would purchase it and it would run for a while down there still in the "G" scheme. Today this unit wears A&M red and often locks couplers with the other ex CR/L&HR C420's- long may she run!

GLLX 850 (CR 2075)

GLLX 850, ex CR 2075, an Alco C420 and one of the only remaining ex Lehigh and Hudson River locomotives still in existance, sits at New Haven, IN in NS East Wayne yard April 28, 2010. This Alco was sold to the Chesapeake and Indiana(or CKIN) and currently sits in LaCrosse, IN. Its history is ex LNAC 850, ex IAIS 850, ex GBW 323, ex CR 2075, nee LHR 27

HRRC 9935 (CR 9935)

HRRC 9935 (CR 9935) leads a Berkshire Scenic Railway train at Stockbridge MA on 10/10/10. The unit was rebuilt to RS3m specs in 1979 by Conrail. The unit was sold to the Housatonic Railroad in 1986.

ME 17 (CR 2053) Garfield, NJ 12-2000

Morristown & Erie 17 (ex-CR 2053) brings NYSW M-1 through Garfield, NJ on NJTransit's Bergen County Line en-route to Morristown 12/2000

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