Tri-Levels on CR Flats

CR 786330

Car was built 10-78 by Portec.

CR 786344

Conrail 786344 is seen at Enola, PA with a tri-level Conrail rack

CR 786365

Car was built 10-78 by Portec.

CR 786366

Conrail 786366 is seen at Enola, PA. 120 CR-marked cars were given these Portec ML3B tri-level racks in late 1978.

CR 786391

CR 786391 is seen at Columbia, PA.

CR 787107

CR 787107 had been spotted at the shop tracks, in need of a little attention...

CR 787168

Conrail 787168 is seen at Altoona, PA, sporting a CR tri-level rack mounted on a flatcar still in PC green

MDAX 1753 Altoona, PA 8-4-1979

With so many varied locomotives available on CR and the cost of film prohibitively expensive to also archive freight equipment, this accidental shot at Horseshoe Curve in August of 1979 captured a surprise, a CR MDAX 1753 tri-level autorack.

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