Carl Weber's Various Conrail Photography

Carl has shot a large variety of Conrail photos over the years, and we've broken them down into a few albums for your viewing pleasure.

Carl Weber's ConRail Action 1996-1999

ConRail's SD80MAC's arrived on the old Boston & Albany in 1996 and stayed till the end of ConRail, and beyond, for a short time. If you had a hankerin' for the big EMD beasts, this was the place to see 'em. Although other locomotive models made their presence known, the "Big MAC's" became the "usual suspects" for this time period, much as the C30-7A's had been from 1984 to 1991.

Carl Weber's ConRail in Connecticut

As a life-long resident of central Connecticut, railroad operations in the state were literally "close to home" for me. I took the opportunity to photograph trains and get to know some of the local crews. ConRail's presence in Connecticut began to wane through the decade of the '80's. In June, 1982 they gave up the Hartford to Waterbury line with the associated Torrington branch and freight rights on the Metro-North Waterbury branch between Waterbury and Bridgeport to the Boston & Maine. Freight rights on Amtrak's ex NHRR Shore Line between New Haven and Old Saybrook eventually went to the Providence & Worcester. Other rights on the Amtrak Springfield line and service on the Manchester, South Windsor and Suffield branches were taken over by the Connecticut Southern, a RailAmerica subsidiary

Carl Weber's ConRail in Winter

Actually intended as more of an "overflow" album to thin out some of my other albums, the scenes contained herein are of a snowy/wintry nature without regard to actual dates and the subject matter could be considered as a separate genre.

Carl Weber's ConRail on the Boston & Maine

Throughout ConRail's tenure in the Northeast, they had a "working relationship" with the Boston & Maine and, later, Guilford Transportation Industries. Coal trains for the Public Service of New Hampshire coal-fired electrical generating plant at Bow, New Hampshire routinely alternated between a partial CR or all B&M routing, with CR power regularly "running through" onto the B&M. In the early 90's Guilford arranged to run several symbol freights (LASE, NASE, and NESE) over a partial CR routing with the trains interchanged in Worcester, MA. ConRail power regularly ran-through on these trains and Guilford provided several MEC SD40's to CR to balance horsepower hours.

In 1984, when CR was disposing of a large number of their older power, mostly GP40's, Guilford acquired 23 of these units, all but 2 units in the 3200 group. GTI also acquired 9 ex CR U33B's through Lessor ITEL and 6 U33C's. The U33B's were split 1 for 2 between the B&M (CR 2916, 2919, 2925) and D&H (2917, 2918, 2920, 2922-2924), with all the U33C's (CR 6845, 6856, 6860, 6862, 6864-66) becoming D&H 650-656. Evidently, the U-Boats were already "well-worn", since the U33B's went to Naparano by March, 1986.

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