Class G52M

Class G52M (CR series 587000-587249) were rebodied from class GE52H (EL series 44100-44599) gondolas by the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in 1992.

CR 587001- Class G52M

CR 587001 is seen here fresh out of the paint shop at Hollidaysburg.

CR 587025- Class G52M

Seen here in September 1995.

CR 587032 - Class G52M

Car is ex EL and is seen here in February 1994.

CR 587037 - Class G52M

CR 587037 is on a westbound UP freight at Hastings, NE on 5/6/92. Car is ex CR 584201/EL unknown and was built 5(?)-71, rebuilt 3-92.

CR 587070-Class G52M

CR 587070 is seen in the consist of a EB empty slab train at Antis, PA on 1/26/99. Car is ex CR 565462/EL 44322, built 5-71 and is stenciled "Assigned to Koppel Steel Return Promptly".

CR 587105- Class G52M

Car is ex EL 44308 and is seen here in April 1995.

CR 587185 - Class G52M

Car is ex EL 44423 and is seen here in February 1994.

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