Class G31A

CR 55121 - Class G31A

Conrail 55121 is seen at Palmyra, PA. Car is ex CR 514066/PC 514066/PRR 613587 and was built 3-51. It was deleted on 10/27/95.

CR 55146 - Class G31A

Conrail 55146 is seen at Marysville, PA. Car is ex CR 514724/PC 514724/PRR 614249 blt 4-51.

CR 55267- Class G31A

Car is ex CR 514134/PRR 613784 and is seen here in 1998. Car was built Apr 1951.

CR 58210 - Class G31A

Conrail 58210 is seen at Marysville, PA. Car is ex PC 511320 and was built 5-51.

CR 58213 - Class G31A

Conrail 58213 is seen at Duncannon, PA. Car is ex PRR 613233 and was built 3-51.  It was deleted on 6/18/97.

CR 67546-Class G31A

CR 67546 is seen here in April of 1994. Car is ex CR 512155/PC 512155/PRR 375276, built 2-52, and was deleted 10/30/98.

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