Class G31 and Subclasses

Class G31

Class G31 consists of 2,900 cars built at the PRR Altoona shops from 1948-1950, formerly PRR 363400-366299. Many of the remaining cars in this class were pushed into MOW service on Conrail.

Class G31B

The G31B class consists of 2,000 gondolas built in 1951 by ACF, formerly PRR 371950-373949. Some cars that lasted into Conrail were used in MOW service.

Class G31E

Formerly PRR 376950-377449.

Class G31H

The G31H class consists of 400 gondolas rebuilt by the PRR from G31 class cars. These cars were in the same series as the G31's: PRR 363400-366299.

Class G31K

The G31K class is made up of gondolas rebuilt by the PRR in 1967-68 from G31A class cars. These were in the same series as the G31A's: PRR 373950-375749.

Class G31N

The G31N class is made up of gondolas rebuilt by Penn Central from G31D class cars.

Class G31T

Former PC cars.

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