Class G52K

The G52K class of Berwick-built cars was purchased in 1990 from a mixed bag of Bethlehem Steel roads: the PB&NE, P&BR, and Beth Steel in-plant roads.

CR 584824- Class G52K

Seen here in July 1996. Car is ex PBNE 4064.

CR 584875- Class G52K

Seen here in April 1996 loaded with scrap steel on Conrail train MOPI.

CR 584877-Class G52K

CR 584877 is seen in storage at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/14/98. Car is ex PBR 5064.

CR 584892-Class G52K

CR 584892 is seen at Johnstown PA on 3/14/98. Car is ex PBR 5002 and was built 5-80.

CR 584893- Class G52K

Seen here in April 1995. Note the unusual placement of the reporting mark and number.

CR 584907- Class G52K

Car is ex PBR 5027 and is seen here in August 1995.

CR 584912- Class G52K

Seen here in April 1994. Car is ex PBR 5045.

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