Class F41F

Former PRR cars

Conrail 715648 is seen at Enola, PA
Conrail 715782 is seen at Temple, PA with an interesting high-and-wide load. Was traveling along with CR 715788. The ends of the cement tanks are labeled "BOW" and "STERN", so it seems they have some sort of nautical application. Car is ex PRR
CR 715938 class F41F flatcar at Etna, PA in September 1993. Paint most likely applied by Altoona Car Shop between April 1976 to very early June 1976 (P59 4-76 to P59 6-76).
Conrail 716015 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex PRR
Car is ex PRR and is seen here in September 1994. Car is ex PRR
Car is ex PRR 480273; was painted P59 5-78.

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