Class X58

Former PRR cars.

CR 265490

Conrail 265490 is seen at Hershey, PA. Interesting that this car has been modified for MOW supply service, but retained it's revenue-service number.

CR 76151 - Class X58

Conrail 76151 is seen at Horseshoe Curve in October, 1989. Car is ex CR 362165/PRR 118088 and was built 4-65. It was deleted on 3/13/97.

CR 76180 - Class X58

Conrail 76180 is seen at Rochester, PA with a PC-green replacement door. Car is ex CR 361618/PC 361618/PRR 112321 blt 12-64.

CR 76180 - Class X58

CR 76180 is seen at Cove, PA

CR 76187 - Class X58

Conrail 76187 is seen at Enola, PA in early 1988. Car is ex CR 361863/PRR 112355 and was built 12-64.

CR 76188 - Class X58

Conrail 76188 is seen at Cove, PA

CR 76198 - Class X58

Conrail 76198 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex CR 361653/PC 361653/PRR 112356 and was built 12-64.

CR 76200 - Class X58

CR 76200 is seen at Palmyra, PA. Car is ex CR 360675/LV 7108 and was built 12-65. It was deleted on 2/20/2004.

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