Class 828F

The 828F class is a group of 500 flatcars built in 1953 as NYC 500300-500799. Many cars in this class that were conveyed to Conrail were used in MOW service.

CR 58528-Class 828F

Conrail 58528 is seen at Marysville, PA. Car is ex PC 751338/NYC 481739 blt 4-53.

CR 58540- Class 828F

Car is ex NYC.

CR 58543 - Class 828F with BR1311

Conrail 58543 is seen at Rochester, PA carrying ballast regulator BR1311

CR 58558-Class 828F

CR 58558 is seen at Cleveland, OH in July of 1989. Car is PC 705499/NYC unknown, built 4-53 and was deleted 2/10/04.

CR 58590-Class 828F with ME 5415

Conrail 58590 is seen at Columbia, PA carrying ME 5415. Car is ex NYC 500374 built 4-53.

CR 58610- Class 828F

Car is ex PC 705353/NYC 500553 and is seen here in early 1999.

CR 58618 - Class 828F

Car is ex PC 751319/NYC 481720 and was built 4-53. The NYC added the coil hoods onto the car and renumbered it for the special service.

CR 58820

Car is ex NYC.

CR 58821 - Class 828F

Car is ex NYC.

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