Miscellaneous Items lettered Conrail

Conrail's "Labor Management Project" Locomotive Decal. Collection of Eric Kretz
Known as the "bug," this was a battery-powered Blomberg truck used to move locomotives around a shop. It is now part of the collection of the Beaver-Lawrence Railroad Historical Society.
Westbound light engine move ENG136 led by CR 6566 passing a sign that reads "CR 'heart's' SAFETY" at mile 49.8 in Auburn, MA. on April 16, 1988. A larger version of the sign follows below. Seemed strange to stick something like this out in the middle of nowhere...
For those with smaller monitors, here's a cropped and enlarged view of the sign seen in the preceding photo in Auburn, MA.
Rear view of the "tool pug" that was used inside the Twinsburg Chrysler Stamping plant.
This was the car inspectors tool car that was kept inside the Chrysler Twinsburg Stamping plant. Back in the day this facility released over 40 cars a day, so there were car inspectors stationed around the clock with this "tool pug" used to travel around the massive stamping plant. As 2009 draws to a close this Conrail homemade machine rests inside the Mac shop at Macedonia, Ohio due to Chrysler Twinsburg shutting down, and is slated to be scrapped.
The Conrail No Trespassing No Dumping sign remains by the entrance to the now NJ Transit side of Morrisville yard on May 10, 2014.
No trespassing sign on the former CR Harrisburg line

Former CR GP38-2 8083 (now NS 5284) keeps watch over the Conrail Private Property and Conrail Employees Only signs that mark the entrance to the Morrisville yard office on May 10, 2014.

Other than the NS paint scheme and renumbering applied to the GP38-2, all the signs and even the Morrisville yard office still retain the Conrail name.

PC converted an SW-1 into "Power unit" 80040. The unique locomotive was resting in the Juniata shops deadlines behind EL E8-A 824 in August, 1978.
PC converted an SW-1 into "Power unit" 80040. The unique locomotive was resting in the Juniata shops deadlines in August, 1978.
What to do between trains? Watch birds and other wildlife.

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