MOW Flatcars

In addition to using flatcars to carry supplies, Conrail also had many flatcars equipped with rails for hauling smaller, lighter pieces of MOW equipment from site to site.

The 712F class was a group of 300 flatcars built in 1942 as NYC 499300-499599. Some of these cars that survived to Conrail were put into MOW service.
The 793F class consists of 500 flatcars built in 1950 in the series NYC 499800-500299. Many cars which lasted into Conrail were used in MOW service.
The 828F class is a group of 500 flatcars built in 1953 as NYC 500300-500799. Many cars in this class that were conveyed to Conrail were used in MOW service.
Former NYC cars
Former PRR cars
Former PRR cars
Former EL cars
Former NH cars
Alongside CR SW-1200M 9311 (ex-RDG V01000M 2711) CR 12 holds prime movers at the Juniata shops in March, 1978.
CR 31188 is seen at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg PA on 10/18/97. Car is ex PRR 470189 and was built 9-29.
Car is ex PC 33321/PRR 475577 and was built 12-53.
Car is ex PC 33342/PRR 475735 and was built 1-54.
Car is ex ERIE 87063 and was built 1-57.
Car is ex NH 17670 and was built 11-51.
Here is a close-up of the former number of CR 58676, which is NH 17670. Most of Conrail's freight cars had a heritage number stenciled on the car.
Car is ex CR 715590/PRR 469391 and was built 11-56 (weighed 3-19-87). It went to NS at the split, and was deleted on 12-1-01.
CR 58809 along with many other pieces of rolling stock are seen at Hollidaysburg PA on 7/27/97. Note the CR 58809 is loaded with side sheets for the G52X coalporters that were being built at HCS during this time. CR 58809 is ex PRR 469617.
A string of 3 MOW flatcars is captured here in early 1997 as they haul track maintenance equipment to their next work destination.

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