Class F41A

Former PRR cars

CR 705900- Class F41A

Car is ex PRR and is seen here in February 1995.

CR 705905-Class F41A

CR 705905 is seen at Conemaugh, PA on 4/20/98. Car is ex PRR 469985, which was built as a F41 and was reclassed to F41A by the PRR when the car was rebuilt with bulkheads for wallboard service. PRR 469985 was to become CR 750429, but may have been renumbered to current number when bulkheads were removed.

CR 705906- Class F41A

Car is ex PRR and is seen here in February 1994.

CR 705912-Class F41A

CR 705912 is seen loaded with an Army tank at Middleboro, MA on 8/5/84. Car is ex PRR 469734, built 2-56 and was deleted 11/7/95.

CR 705914 - Class F41A

Conrail 705914 is seen at Enola, PA

CR 705917 - Class F41A

Conrail 705917 is seen at Conway Yard

CR 715620- Class F41A

Car is ex PRR and is seen here in February 1992.

CR 716925 - Class F41A

Conrail 716925 is seen at Conway, PA

CR 719100 - Class F41A

Conrail 719100 is seen at Hummelstown, PA

CR 719106 - Class F41A

Ouch... this PRR 672595 H39 hopper sure took a hard hit. It has been loaded on this flat possibly for a trip to Hollidaysburg.

CR 750375 - Class F41A

CR 750375 was photographed at Washington Boro, PA in 1978/79.

PC 717202 - Class F41A

PC 717202 was photographed at Vickers (Toledo), OH, in September 1990. Very early repaint with PC reporting marks and the small "CON RAIL".

PRR 469341 - Class F41A

PRR 469341 was photographed passing the Republic Steel facilities in Youngstown, OH in March 1980. It was assigned CR 750331, but was likely never renumbered.

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