Scenic images of the OCS where individual pieces of the equipment can not be clearly used for research purposes.

ConRail OCS301 southbound on the Amtrak Springfield Line at Windsor Locks, CT. on June 3, 1992.
OCS301 southbound approaching the Hicks Ave. overhead in Meriden, CT. on June 3, 1992.
OCS301 heading through CP Quarry in Meriden, CT. on June 3, 1992.
OCS301 northbound at Windsor Locks, CT. on June 3, 1992.
CR 100, the "Boston", brings up the markers on OCS301 at Windsor Locks, CT. on June 3, 1992.
OCS 301 arriving in Springfield, MA. off the Amtrak Springfield Line on June 3, 1992.
CR 4021/4020 returning to their train after running around it in Springfield, MA. on June 3, 1992. Twin truss bridges in the distance carry the Boston line across the Connecticut River to West Springfield.
4020/4021 couple back onto their train after the runaround in Springfield, MA. on June 3, 1992.
OCS 301 pumping air in Springfield, MA. station. The elevator towers were/are a hallmark of this station.
The OCS has departed Springfield and is seen heading west on the old B&A at MP 107/Williams Riding Way/Salt City in westfield, MA.
A southbound MIL train with equipment from Fort Drum approaches Woodard as a CR Special Agent surveys ahead from the cab door.
I got wind of an OCS making a trip over the Boston Line and made a "quick" (3 hour round trip) up to Hinsdale, MA. to catch him on a week day morning. Of course, the weather was spectacular and, what's this?...no E unit(s)? Oh well, I'm here, so may as well shoot him.
OCS131 eastbound at the summit of Washington Hill on May 18, 1988. Although I was disappointed in the lack of an "Executive E" on the train at the time, in retrospect, how many times do you see this train WITHOUT one or more of the E's?
Theater car #9 on the rear of the OCS131 at Hinsdale, MA. on May 18, 1988. Gentleman in the light colored suit seems to be pointing out that "this is the summit of Washington hill, the highest point on the Boston Line."
CR OCS301, a shipper's special designated the "Constitution State Special", roars southward on the Amtrak Springfield Line at Windsor Locks, CT. on May 3, 1990.
OCS301 southbound at Hicks Ave. in Meriden, CT. on May 3, 1990.
Conrail OCS, led by the 4020, threads it's way through Harrisburg station on Aug. 20, 1985. Note then Amtrak Metroliner sitting in the station at right.
The 4020 leading the OCS through Harrisburg station.
The OCS backing into the rail welding plant in Lucknow as seen from Linglestown Rd. overhead.
After completing the tour of the rail welding plant at Lucknow, the OCS proceeded across Rockville bridge to Enola.
The OCS, led by the 4020, crosses Rockville bridge.
The OCS on Rockville bridge.
Cropped version of preceding photo for a closer look at the train on Rockville bridge.
After crossing Rockville bridge, the OCS enters Enola yard at Overview.
The OCS paused for awhile near the "Brick office building" in Enola yard.
The 4020 leads the OCS southward across Conodoquinet Creek on the Port Road at West Fairview, PA. on August 20, 1985.
CSX 6225 is seen coupled ahead of CR 4021 & 4020 at Cumberland MD on 3/13/98. The CSX GP40-2 was added at Cumberland and was probably headed for the RF&P which also used cab signal.

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