Sand Cars

Conrail utilized a variety of older covered hoppers to move sand to diesel terminals around the system.

Former NYC cars
Former RDG cars
Former PRR cars
CR 74033 (ex LV 90009) is with PC 32308 (H30B) and PC 74x24 (860H) sand cars at Mingo Jct., OH on 8/16/77.
Conrail 74224 is seen at Hershey, PA. Car is ex NYC 883035, built 3-56 and was deleted by CR on 11/16/07.
Erie Lackawanna covered hopper EL 427239 Winter 1988
LHR 2015, one of only two Lehigh & Hudson River cars in listed in service on Conrail according to the July 1976 ORER, was at Morrisville, PA on 8/7/77.
NYC X3130 is seen whitelined at Edgemoor DE on 1/1/98.
Reading 93531 seen in company service as a sand car at the McClay Street Enginehouse. Caris ex RDG 79553 and was built 10-53.
RDG 93545 sits in the shop area in Allentown yard in Allentown, Pa 9/1996. Car is ex RDG 79635.

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