Camp Cars

Conrail utilized these unique camp cars to house track gangs working on remote sections of the railroad.

Class F30A

Former PRR cars.

Class F30E

Former PRR cars.

Class F30H

Former PRR cars.

Class FL41A

Former LV cars.

Air dump and camp cars in FRSE in Hinsdale, MA.

Air dump car 53315 and 3 camp cars headed west in FRSE on the Hinsdale flats, Oct. 4, 1997.

CR 62106- Class F30D

Car is ex PRR 475487 and was built in 6-51.

CR 62164

Conrail 62164 is seen at Amity Hall, PA. Car is ex CR 700837/PRR.

CR 62164

Conrail 62164 is seen at Amity Hall, PA. Car is ex CR 700837/PRR.

CR 62312

Car is ex PRR.

CR 62684

Conrail 62684 is seen at Rochester, PA in April 1993

CR 62913

Conrail 62913 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PRR 474205.

CR 62913

Car is ex PRR 474205 and is seen here in late 2000.

CR 62913

Car is ex PRR 474205.

CR 62954

Car is ex PRR 474562 and was built 9-34.

CR GP38-2 8070 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1981

GP38-2 8070 powers a Camp Car Extra made up of the old and the new...

CR MOW Equipment

Various Conrail trucks and buses are seen here parked near a line of camp cars (which house the MOW crews) awaiting their next use.

Erie camp car Campbell Hall 02071984

Two eras of camp cars are seen here at Campbell Hall, on the one time Erie Graham Line. The white cars that look like mobile homes on flatcars are the more modern incarnation of a place to live for MOW crews on the road. The older version, an old Erie camp car, is in the background.

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